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Trisha Spence is the Master Injector at Plastic Surgery Center of Hampton Roads in Newport News and Williamsburg, Virginia. A nursing graduate from Thomas Nelson Community College, Trisha is certified in Moderate Sedation and as a Surgery Center Administrator (CASC). She also holds her certifications in Basic Life Support, Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support and Pediatric Advanced Life Support.

Special Procedures Nurse Trisha SpenceTrisha’s Reason For Working In Plastic And Reconstructive Medicine

Previously an emergency room nurse in a local Level 1 Trauma Center, Trisha has seen many people experience traumatic events and be left with disfiguring injuries. These injuries serve as constant reminders of what the patient has endured. Trisha discovered that plastic and reconstructive medicine was not just a desire but a requirement for many of her patients. She found great joy in participating in the blending of art and medicine as surgeons gave patients improvement in not only their appearance but their self-esteem. Watching her patients go from scars and insecurities to confidence and a renewed sense of self is what drew her to plastic and reconstructive medicine.

Trisha’s Favorite Part Of Being A Nurse

Trisha’s favorite part of being a nurse is the bond that she develops with patients. Whether the patients seek cosmetic services or reconstructive treatments, they often come into the office scared, embarrassed, insecure and unsure. Meeting the patients where they are in their journey is so crucial to building trust with them. Ensuring the patient understands their options and gets all their questions answered prior to deciding their treatment plan is important to Trisha because it reassures the patient and provides more satisfaction with the final results. Trisha loves being a source for patients because she is with them from the first consultation until the end of their treatment. Helping patients and empowering them to make their choices confidently is what ultimately changes their initial feelings to happiness, relief, confidence and joy. Watching this happen is what brings Trisha the most satisfaction.

Trisha’s Desire To Make A Difference

As Trisha transitioned from trauma nurse to plastics nurse, she initially struggled to feel she was making a difference. In the ER, it was easy to find joy and satisfaction in saving lives and helping the sick, but it was more difficult in plastics. One day, Trisha encountered a patient who was seeking information on a cosmetic procedure. The patient explained how her issue had been negatively impacting her life since her teens and how self-conscious and embarrassed she felt in her own skin. The patient nearly ran out of the office when she realized she would have to expose her biggest insecurity to two strangers during that visit. Trisha was able to get the patient through that consultation and then through her procedure. Trisha was her nurse on the day of her surgery, and the patient was so relieved to see a friendly, calming face on that anxiety-ridden day. At a follow-up visit, Trisha was able to experience the same patient with a completely different attitude. The patient was excited to show me her results, and she radiated genuine joy while telling Trisha how much her life had changed. In that exchange, Trisha found her “I am making a difference” confirmation. Seeing her patient as confident in her own skin because of a simple procedure was a moment Trisha will never forget. That experience is what Trisha looks forward to experiencing every day she comes to work.

Trisha’s Favorite Part Of Her Job

Trisha thoroughly enjoys learning the surgical intervention part of plastic and reconstructive surgery. She is drawn to the less invasive treatment modalities, including injectables, Ultherapy, Coolsculpting, cellulite treatments, facial threading, and electrodessication. Trisha’s goal is that every patient she encounters feels her genuine desire to provide them with an excellent experience. She aims to ensure patient satisfaction with each result. Trisha strives to provide the best support, education and encouragement to her patients while working in conjunction with the surgeons and the team. Ensuring patients receive the best care from the best clinicians is her highest standard. 

Trisha’s Favorite Things

Born in Hampton, Virginia, Trisha spent the first eleven years of her life there. After living in Bedford, Virginia, for a few years, she returned to Hampton Roads and graduated from Phoebus High School, GO Phantoms! Trisha met her husband, John, in high school, and they have been together ever since. Trisha and John have a son and a daughter. Her son enjoys video games and playing cornhole with his parents. Her daughter loves to play softball and keeps them running from ball field to ball field. 

 When Trisha is not working, you can find her at the beach. The beach is her sanctuary because nothing beats a warm day, cool breeze, sun on her skin (protected by sunscreen, of course) and listening to the waves crash on the shore. Trisha finds it energizing to slow down and enjoy the beauty around you at the beach.  Her family frequently heads down to the OBX for rest and relaxation.

Another passion of Trisha’s is competitive cornhole. She loves competing in cornhole tournaments. From the strategy and the camaraderie to the excitement of making shots that seem impossible, Trisha loves the opportunity to compete against professionals and learn from them. The Hampton Roads area has high-level competition, and that keeps her striving to improve and learn!

Trisha’s Love For Hampton Roads

Trisha loves the way that Hampton Roads has the ability to feed her soul in a variety of ways. She enjoys the bay that provides water-based activities like swimming, boating, and fishing and the proximity to the big city living of D.C. The Blue Ridge Mountains give you plenty of options for hiking, camping, and country living. Trisha loves that there is so much history in this area and so many things to see and do that make raising a family fun! She also loves Italian food, good wine, and sweets! Most of all, Trisha can’t wait to meet you and take care of your aesthetic needs!

Trisha’s Favorite Quote

“Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for”- Epicurus.

Trisha and the rest of the team at the Plastic Surgery Center of Hampton Roads are here to answer your questions and discuss your options for your unique areas of concern. Contact us today on our website or by phone at (757) 873-3500. We look forward to talking with you.

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