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Many women experience inverted nipples, either occasionally or constantly. However, even though this is an incredibly common condition, it is rarely discussed, as those with inverted nipples may feel embarrassed or self-conscious about them. At Plastic Surgery Center of Hampton Roads, we’re proud to help our patients feel confident in their own skin by reducing the appearance of inverted nipples and helping women attain a more natural nipple shape. A woman’s breasts should look and function the way she wants.

What Are Inverted Nipples?

Inverted nipples, otherwise known as retracted nipples, are nipples that, rather than projecting outward, point inward or lie completely flat against the areolas. This can occur on both breasts or just one and can be a genetic issue or one that develops later in life.

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Why Correct Inverted Nipples?

For those born with inverted or retracted nipples, it can be a source of self-consciousness or even embarrassment. When inverted nipples develop later in life, it can also be a sign of a health problem that should be addressed by a doctor. In either case, an individual may wish to correct inverted nipples for personal or health-related reasons, including those wishing to breastfeed their children.

Types of Nipple Inversion:

Every woman is unique, and every case of nipple inversion is equally deserving of individualized care. In general, there are three grades of nipple inversion based on the severity and frequency of the condition.

These three grades of nipple inversion are as follows:

  • Grade 1: The nipple can easily be pulled outward and will even occasionally stand out on its own in colder temperatures or specific circumstances. This grade is the least severe and will often result in women being able to breastfeed normally. In this case, correcting nipple inversion will often be a matter of cosmetic preferences.
  • Grade 2: The nipple can be pulled outward but will quickly return to its original shape. This grade increases in severity, as it can affect a woman’s ability to breastfeed and may significantly impact their self-confidence.
  • Grade 3: You may not be able to pull the nipple outward at all. This grade is the most severe condition, as it may make it impossible to breastfeed a child and can severely impact your own perception of your body and beauty.

Many women have a combination of the grades, with variations in either breast. Some women may even have one normal breast and another with a severe Grade 3 case of nipple inversion.

Patient Testimonial

I have met with Dr. Blanchard several times, in preparation of procedures I’m interested in having done. He has been extremely patient with me and has been mindful of my concerns. I look forward to following through with the procedures in the next few months!


How to Correct Inverted Nipples

The first step before getting inverted nipples corrected is to speak with your surgeon at the Plastic Surgery Center of Hampton Roads. This consultation will help us determine what grade(s) of nipple inversion you have and create a personalized treatment plan that works best for your case, including going over any related questions, like if you are or plan to be breastfeeding a child.

Once we’ve developed your surgical plan to correct the appearance of inverted nipples, your surgeon will create a tiny incision at the bottom of the nipple. Through this small incision, our doctors will use a tiny, specialized surgical instrument to find the cause of the inverted nipple(s): tight tethering fibers and the foreshortened duct that are pulling and holding the inverted nipple in place. Using this surgical tool, your surgeon will release these tight fibers and ducts, suturing beneath the nipple to close the incision and help the nipple remain in its newly-released position.

Due to the minimally invasive nature of this surgery, the recovery process after the correction of inverted nipples is quick and effective. Most patients are able to return to work and light activity the following day. However, patients recovering from this procedure should not wear any compression materials, including bras, for ten to fourteen days after surgery. A loose camisole top or otherwise non-compressive garment should be worn instead.

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