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ideal age for plastic surgery‘What is the best age to get plastic surgery?’ is one of the more commonly asked questions by people looking to make a change in their appearance. And as many doctors will agree, age should definitely be a factor you consider. So exactly how old is too old? And how young is too young?

What is the youngest age? Am I too old?

Well, traditionally, the recommended age for plastic surgery was anywhere between 18 and 70. This is because most cosmetic procedures work best when the body has achieved its full adult size. For males, adult size is usually reached between age 15-18, while for females, it’s 14-18.

However, recently we’ve come to see this figure stretching. The minimum age is going down, with the maximum age increasing. Evidence has shown that people of all ages are increasingly showing interest in these procedures. And basically, provided that you are in good physical and psychological health, there is really nothing to stop doctors from performing them.

Still, some specific procedures are typically best performed at certain ages. Let’s take a look.

What procedures can I get at any age?

Most procedures are influenced by the particular age of the patient at the time. You’ll find that people in their 20s generally desire different things done than people in their 30s and above.

The teenage years

As we mentioned, most surgeons recommend plastic surgery once the body has grown into its full adult size. For this reason, these procedures are rare for teenagers.  For instance, girls under 18 are advised to wait for their breasts to stop developing before getting implants.

The most popular choice for older teens is Rhinoplasty or a nose job. Male breast reduction is also popular for male teens.

The 20’s and early 30s

Just like the teens, nose jobs or Rhinoplasty are also common for people in their 20s. It is best to do it when the bones in your face have stopped growing and before the age of 50 when skin tends to become looser.

Another popular plastic surgery procedure for people in this group is breast augmentation. While teens are restricted to only saline implants, patients aged 21 and above can get both silicone and saline.

The 30s and early 40s

While not necessarily a surgical procedure, Botox treatments are the most popular for people in this age bracket, with up to 1 million treatments happening per year. This is followed by liposuction and breast augmentation.

Women who are done with having children tend to go for the ‘Mommy Makeover.’ This consists of a comprehensive set of procedures aimed at restoring the body to the shape before pregnancy. They include tummy tucks, breast lift surgeries, and liposuction.

The 40s and early 50s

This is when signs of aging start to appear for most people.  And for this reason, people here are usually looking for procedures that might help retain youthful looks. For this, many go for blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery, as well as MACS facelift.

55 and over

For this bracket, facelifts are the most popular procedures. Dermal fillers and Botox are still equally popular.

If you are considering any procedure, here is an age guide for some of the most popular plastic surgery procedures.

  •         Facelift — Best done before 45, when your skin still is elastic. If done early enough, you likely won’t look like you had any surgery.
  •         Lips enhancement — Best done before 37. Lips usually start thinning as you approach your 30s. And its effect is more noticeable in your late 30s.
  •         Breasts — Implants are best done at 24, and breast uplifts at 45.  Implants usually last for around 15 years. The figure can be less if they experience complications like hardening.
  •         Stomach (tummy tuck) — Best done at 35 years and above. It would be best if you only did it after having your last child. Being a major surgery, you have to be in a fit condition when you do it.
  •         Hips and thighs — Liposuction is best done between 30 and 35. The skin here is still elastic and will, therefore, better blend in with the simmer shape.


Thanks to modern technological advancements, plastic surgery is now widely accepted as a safe way of restoring or correcting any physical defects you may have (Of course, depending on where you get it done).

In truth, there is really no one perfect age for plastic surgery. Everyone ages differently, and as such, it can be different for each individual. On the one hand, it can be based on some personal factors, including how quickly your body is aging or how comfortable you feel about those changes. And then again, it can simply be inspired by individual preferences and treatment goals.

You might say the best age for plastic surgery is the age you choose to improve your appearance. If your doctor deems it possible, you are perfectly free to do it.

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