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A smooth, firm neck gives you an elegant, youthful appearance. As you age and gain weight, your neck sags and gets wrinkles, the neck muscles also become loose, and you begin to have a double chin. To regain your beautiful neck, you need to undergo neck contouring surgery.

neck contouringWhat is Neck Contouring Surgery?

Once you realize that your beautiful neck contours are fading, it’s time to visit a cosmetic surgeon. The surgeon not only helps to restore your elegant neckline but also works on lifting your face. 

Below are three main types of neck contouring surgery that will give your neck a gorgeous look:

Neck Lift Surgery

Are you concerned about the drooping and aging skin on your neck? Then it would be best if you had a neck lift surgical operation. 

Moreover, a cosmetic surgeon will tighten your loose neck muscles through platysmaplasty surgery. We recommend this procedure to patients between 40 to 50 years old.

Another type of surgery that will lift your neck is the cervicoplasty procedure that will remove all your neck’s excess skin. You need to note that patients who need to address muscular laxity in the neck or have substantial extra fat in the chin and neck area are not candidates for cervicoplasty. 


To remove excess fat from your chin, then you have to undergo a liposuction surgical procedure. Neck liposuction is a relatively fast operation for most individuals, and it works under local anesthetic. A cosmetic surgeon inserts a liposuction cannula to remove excess fat at specific face positions.

The surgeon can also perform a submentoplasty procedure to remove extra skin under your chin and tighten the platysma muscle.

All individuals, old or young, can undergo contouring surgery to enhance their necks. Men and women alike can benefit from the procedures. First, identify an excellent cosmetic surgeon who will perform the surgery. Contouring surgery is safe and will provide you with a youthful neckline that you always admire.

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