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As plastic surgeons committed to patient safety and well-being, we cannot emphasize the importance of continued breast cancer screening enough for patients who have undergone breast augmentation. While breast augmentation can enhance one’s physical appearance and boost self-confidence, it does not eliminate the need for regular breast cancer screenings. In fact, breast augmentations should serve as a reminder that maintaining good breast health is paramount. Here’s why ongoing screening is crucial and can contribute to superior surgical outcomes.

PSCHR Breast Screening with Implants

Early Detection Saves Lives
Breast cancer is a potentially life-threatening disease, and early detection significantly improves survival rates. Regardless of having undergone breast augmentation, any changes in breast tissue should not

be disregarded. Routine screenings, such as mammograms and breast exams, play a vital role in detecting abnormalities, including lumps or suspicious changes, that may indicate the presence of cancerous cells. By catching breast cancer early, treatment options are more effective, leading to better outcomes.

Implants and Screening Techniques
Some may wonder whether breast implants can interfere with the accuracy of breast cancer screening methods. While implants can make it more challenging to detect abnormalities during mammograms, modern techniques and expertise in imaging can overcome these obstacles. Make sure to tell your primary doctor and radiologist that you have undergone breast surgery so that they recommend additional screening options, like ultrasound.

Changes Beyond Implants
Breast augmentation does not provide a shield against breast cancer. Breast implants solely enhance the aesthetic appearance of the breasts and do not alter the underlying breast tissue. The presence of implants does not eliminate the development of cancerous cells. Regular screenings are crucial in detecting any changes or abnormalities in breast tissue, regardless of the presence of implants. Early detection through screenings allows for timely intervention and potentially life-saving treatments.

At PSCHR, our commitment to patient safety and proactive care extends beyond cosmetic procedures. We understand the importance of early detection in combating breast cancer, and that’s why we send breast tissue to pathology for patients over 40 or otherwise indicated with breast lift or mastopexy procedures. This allows us to potentially detect breast cancer at its earliest stages. In fact, our pathology analysis helped detect cancer in at least one case, leading to timely and potentially life-saving intervention.

Regular breast cancer screenings, even after breast augmentation, are essential for early detection and optimal treatment outcomes. PSCHR is dedicated to providing the highest level of surgical expertise while prioritizing patient safety and well-being.

So, don’t skip the screening if you have breast implants. Do you have a question about breast surgery? Contact us for a consultation.

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