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One of the most in-demand elective cosmetic plastic surgeries is that of breast augmentation. Breast augmentation is a surgery performed by a plastic surgeon to place implants into the breasts to address small breasts, breast deformities, or asymmetrical breasts. Breast enhancement with implants allows women to improve their body contours and maintain a youthful look while increasing self-esteem and body confidence.

However, as with any other surgical procedure, there is always a risk of complications. One of the undesirable complications that can occur with breast implants is a condition known as capsular contracture.

capsular contracture.WHAT IS CAPSULAR CONTRACTURE?

Capsular contracture is when the body forms tight fibrous bands around the breast implants, pulling on the breast tissues and resulting in both pain and deformity. It occurs due to the immune system response to a foreign object in the body, during which it surrounds the foreign object with tough scar tissue. While it is a normal part of the breast implant recovery and healing process, it can become extremely exaggerated and lead to thick, hard scar tissue. It is one of the most common breast implant complications, but there are ways to reduce the risk of developing it. There are both surgical and nonsurgical treatments available with plastic surgeons.


Depending on the severity of the condition and the complications patients have, the doctors at the Plastic Surgery Center of Hampton Roads may make different recommendations. Below are just a few of the more common ways to resolve capsular contracture for women:

  • Capsulotomy
  • Capsulectomy
  • Implant replacement
  • Implant removal
  • Autologous fat transfer

The treatment right for you can be determined with an evaluation with our doctors.


If you are considering reconstructive surgery or dealing with conditions related to your breast implants, the Plastic Surgery Center of Hampton Roads team can assist. Our practices are located throughout Newport News, Norfolk, Williamsburg, and Virginia Beach, Virginia and can assist new and returning patients. Call (757) 873-3500 to schedule an appointment with Drs. Vonu, Blanchard, Zwicklbauer and Lofgren.

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