450+ Years of Combined Experience!

Our Management Team

Jill Holland – Assistant Administrator
Stacey West RN, BSN – Clinical Coordinator
Patty Stibbs – Practice Administrator
Blakely Powell – Patient Counselor and Front Office Manager
Mollie Carr – Office Manager Williamsburg

Our Patient Counseling Experts

Lauren Bunch – Counselor, Newport News
Blakely Powell – Patient Counselor Manager
Carol Jones – Counselor, Williamsburg
Shannon Hahn – Counselor – Newport News

PSCHR Williamsburg
Office Staff

Beth Pyles – CST, Julie Landman-Humes – Esthetician, Mollie Carr – Office Manager, Carol Jones – Patient Counselor

Our Newport News Reception Team

Sarah Huffman, Chelsea Lewis, Holly Carr – Lead Receptionist

Our Skin Rejuvenation
and Laser Specialists

Julie Landman-Humes, LME Shari Weniger, LME

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