logo_botox While a smile line here, or an inquisitive furrow there, may give men a distinguished and mature appearance, deep creases in the upper face can lead to a heavy brow and haggard look. If you're concerned about crow's feet or excessive forehead wrinkles, but aren't quite ready for more invasive procedures like a facelift or eyelid surgery, it may be time to consider BOTOX®.

How Does BOTOX Work?

Did you know that the upper third of your face is responsible for most of your expressions? Whether you're angry, laughing, or feeling puzzled, chances are your eyes and forehead are getting a workout. Creases in this part of the face are notoriously hard to treat, as they aren't a result of muscle or volume loss, but rather repeated and prolonged movement. Expression-based wrinkles can be effectively corrected by BOTOX because of the unique way it works.

As a type A botulinum toxin, BOTOX affects the facial muscles themselves rather than the skin or subcutaneous fat layers. When injected, BOTOX slows movement by blocking communication between the nerves and muscles temporarily. By stopping the muscles, the overlying skin is able to relax and the appearance of wrinkles is softened.

Treatment with BOTOX is quick, comfortable, and requires no downtime. You'll be able to resume most normal activities almost immediately, though you should keep your head upright and avoid contact with the injection sites for the first day.

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How BOTOX Injections for Men are Different

It's important for you to choose a qualified injectables provider who has experience with male BOTOX patients for a number of reasons.

  • Men and women have different aesthetic goals. Many men would like to reduce deep-set forehead creases and eliminate the appearance of a heavy brow.
  • A man's muscles are denser and bulkier than women's, meaning that more product is required to achieve a noticeable result.
  • Often, men only want a subtle improvement rather than a perfectly smooth face

Here at PSCHR, we have many years of experience working with male patients and have an advanced knowledge of male facial structure. We can fully customize your treatment to ensure your results are natural and subtle.

How Long Does BOTOX Last?

Your BOTOX treatment should take around 15 - 20 minutes, with final results becoming obvious within two to four days. Most men experience benefits from BOTOX for up to six months before requiring another treatment, and many patients note a gradual permanent improvement after each injection session.

If you're curious about what BOTOX can do for you, give us a call. Our board certified plastic surgeons and skincare specialists would love to work with you to determine the best treatment options to meet your needs.

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