Young Pharmaceuticals

Customized Skincare in Newport News

Young PharmaceuticalsFor nearly 40 years, Young Pharmaceuticals has made high-quality medical skincare products to help patients improve and maintain healthy, beautiful skin.

Each product meets strict pharmaceutical standards for purity, potency and stability, ensuring you will be using a safe product that delivers consistent results. The concentrations and dosing of all active ingredients are based on solid scientific research.

We will help you choose from a number of Young Pharaceuticals products designed to correct signs of aging, restore balanced moisture to dry or oily skin, and protect your skin from further environmental damage:

  • Atopalm: this hypoallergenic moisturizer contains no fragrances, nut oils, solvents, or paraben, making it ideal for sensitive skin. Its formula nearly matches that of your body’s natural moisture retention structures so it hydrates your skin more thoroughly for a longer duration.
  • TeaDerma Green Tea Toner: safely and effectively removes dirt, oil and soap while delivering a rejuvenating dose of the beneficial components of green tea.
  • NiaRiche: an all-purpose anti-aging moisturizer, NiaRiche uses Vitamin B3 to improve skin texture and tone as well as increase your skin’s natural ability to retain moisture.
  • MelaShade-E: an excellent sunscreen for dry skin, the SPF 30 MelaShade-E delivers antioxidants to help restore skin affected by aging at the same time it protects your skin from UV light damage. Its silky texture has a matte finish and no fragrance, so it feels light, isn’t sticky and will not leave an unnatural shine.
  • BlemErase: a two-part acne treatment that works to clear up active acne pimples while lessening your chances of experiencing scars down the road. The drying solution contains tea tree oil to calm inflammation, while the concealer hides and accelerates reduction of existing acne.
  • KojiLac-Ci: an anti-aging eye treatment using a proprietary blend of natural plant extracts and vitamins, this treatment safely reduces the dark circles under your eyes while brightening the delicate skin.