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Linda SeidelPerformance is the goal when choosing a product to conceal any type of skin discoloration or flaw. Linda Seidel’s Natural Cover foundation system was created for professionals in the medical community, where performance of the highest quality is the only acceptable option.

The pigments in the Natural Cover palette are based on actual skin tone shades, not the typical cosmetic shades. This enables clients to perfectly match their skin tone with ease and spot cover any skin discoloration.

Natural Cover is formulated to be waterproof and to adhere to any skin type. Once applied, Natural Cover’s unique texture bonds to the skin’s surface and lasts all day without the need for touch-ups.

Natural Cover may be used on sensitive post-operative skin because it is extremely gentle and non-irritating. Natural Cover is also formulated to allow the skin to breathe while providing maximum coverage.

Although Natural CoveLinda Seidelr was originally developed to meet unique needs of patients, the same characteristics make it an exceptional performer in any situation. Whether you would like to conceal dark circles or blotchy skin, a birthmark or a scar, Natural Cover is a lightweight foundation that conceals and performs like a second skin.

Natural Cover is not like any other foundation on the market. It is very concentrated, so just a little bit goes a long way! A pea-size amount will provide adequate coverage for most faces. If more coverage is desired, you can layer it until you have the coverage you desire. Dabbing on Natural Cover with the sponge (or using the dot and blend method) will help fill in uneven skin texture.

An important component of Natural Cover’s effectiveness is in the Performing Powder. Make sure to press the powder evenly into the Natural Cover surface until it’s all absorbed. Be sure not to miss a spot. Your skin should feel dry and silky to the touch. If it still feels moist, apply additional Performing Powder. Now your Natural Cover complexion is waterproof and will last all day!