Medically supervised skincare programs offer advanced, scientifically proven ingredients and therapies that simply are not available in department or drug stores. Our aesthetician, is trained to assist you with all of your skincare and cosmetics needs.

We can customize a skincare program specifically for you, identifying the specific ways you would like to improve and then maintain your skin. These topical, home-use products can help maintain surgical results or offer gentle long-term improvement on their own.

Learn more about the skin care products and cosmetics we offer:

Physician-Grade Skincare Products

ZO Medical

Designed to address more serious or chronic skin conditions, ZO Medical therapeutic skincare products promote better skin health, improve skin tone and texture, and protect from further damage, offering you a long-term solution for beautiful skin!

skinbetter Science®

Only available through licensed physicians, Skinbetter science® makes it simple to get gorgeous, healthy skin. Their formulas are backed by decades of clinical research and designed to help you get results with just a few products each day. Skinbetter shines in the anti-aging department, with powerful antioxidant formulas to help rebuild collagen and rapidly correct fine lines, sun damage, and other signs of aging.


Famous for silky and lightweight yet highly effective sunscreens, EltaMD® skincare products have been used for decades by hospitals and dermatologists to help patients restore healthy skin following burns and surgery. EltaMD has poured that same technology into its aesthetic products to help patients correct environmental damage and age-related concerns as well as keep skin healthy post-procedure.

Evolve MD

Innovative, botanically-based, premium skincare at an affordable price, Evolve MD skincare options include cleansers, toners, moisturizers, and potent antioxidant and retinol blends to help you enjoy your best skin yet.

Premium Sunscreens to Keep Skin Youthful & Healthy

Our medical-grade, broad-spectrum sunscreens offer optimal, reliable protection against premature aging and skin cancer in light, quick-drying formulas. If you're put off the greasy, heavy sheen of drugstore sunscreens, switching to our medical-grade products will change your mind about how great a sunscreen can feel!

We have a wide selection of medical-grade sunscreens available at PSCHR from EltaMD®, ZO Skin Health, and more, including waterproof options, tinted sunscreens, and products designed especially for dry, oily, or sensitive skin. Shari can help you test out different products and choose the best sunscreen for your needs during your consultation.

Skincare Featured on the Hampton Roads Show

Shari Weniger with Plastic Surgery Center of Hampton Roads joined Chris Reckling to discuss some great skincare ideas on The Hampton Roads Show.

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