Cases in Breast Reconstruction

Click Images below for a more detailed view. Individual results may vary.

Breast Reconstruction

Bilateral Breast Reconstruction Stages: Stage 1– Bilateral mastectomies. Acellular Dermal matrix placement, Silicone gel implant subpectoral placement, Wise Pattern Skin Excision. Stage 2– 3D nipple tattoo (Tattoo is done when all incisions are healed), 1 year post bilateral mastectomies. Skin Tone: Dark

Breast Reconstruction

Breast Reconstruction: Breast Reconstruction Stages: 1st stage Bilateral Mastectomies, Placement bilateral tissue expanders. Acellular dermal matrix placement. 2nd stage breast reconstruction, removal bilateral tissue expanders, placement of silicone gel implant. 3rd stage: 3d Nipple tattoo. 15 months post bilateral mastectomies. Skin Tone: Light

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