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A healthy lifestyle can go a long way toward keeping our face, skin and body looking youthful and vibrant, but eventually the aging process catches up. Over time, our tissues stop producing as much collagen and elastin, causing skin to lose elasticity. Eventually, skin goes from firm and smooth to sagging. FaceTite™ can help you put the brakes on this process. This new, FDA cleared technology uses radiofrequency assisted lipolysis (RFAL) to remodel skin at its deepest layers and restore natural collagen and elastin production.

After just one minimally invasive FaceTite™ treatment, you can expect significant improvements in skin firmness and texture that last for many months.

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How FaceTite can help you look naturally younger

FaceTite™ applies targeted radiofrequency energy, via a thin cannula (probe) to heat the skin's deepest layers as well as remodel the fatty layer just beneath the skin. This achieves a number of changes. First, the tissues instantly contract in response to the targeted heat, so you notice improvements immediately after your procedure. Second, the RF energy smoothes the fat layer beneath the skin, restoring a smoother, more even "base layer" for your skin. Finally, the RF energy induces collagen and elastin rebuilding in your skin for long-lasting rejuvenation.

Benefits of FaceTite™

  • Minimally invasive treatment
  • Little to no downtime
  • Virtually no scarring
  • Can postpone need for facelift surgery
  • Results after your first treatment

Is FaceTite™ the right option for me?

The amount of skin lifting and firming possible with FaceTite™ is generally greater than what you will get with a non-invasive treatment, such as microneedling or Ultherapy, but less extensive than a surgical facelift. We often recommend FaceTite™ for patients who are noticing mild to moderate jowls or sagging skin on the face and neck as a way to restore a more youthful appearance and postpone the need for surgery. In general, good candidates for FaceTite™:

  • Are bothered by mild to moderate jowls or sagging skin on the neck, cheeks and/or eyelids
  • Desire more dramatic lifting than skin resurfacing treatments can offer
  • Would like to rejuvenate sagging facial tissues with a minimally invasive option

What to expect with your FaceTite™ procedure at PSCHR

Our board certified plastic surgeons will insert the very thin cannula (tube) on the FaceTite™ handpiece through a tiny access incision, into the fat layer beneath the skin. The RF energy emitted by the cannula melts excess fat to restore a smoother, more even fat layer, while also firming the skin and inducing collagen production. An outer disc sits on the skin’s surface monitors the temperature of the RF energy to ensure optimal tissue heating while also keeping surrounding skin and tissues safe.

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After your FaceTite™ procedure, you should be able to resume normal activities the very next day. Pain usually isn't an issue, but you may feel some soreness in the treatment area and/or tenderness where the FaceTite™ cannula was inserted. Mild, temporary bruising or swelling is also common. Strenuous exercise can be resumed after about 1 to 2 weeks, depending on the activity and your comfort level.

When will I see results after FaceTite™?

You can expect immediate improvements after FaceTite™ from the skin contraction that took place during treatment. Results will continue to improve for several months, as your tissues rebuild new collagen and elastin. Results are typically considered final about 3 to 4 months after treatment.

Learn more about FaceTite™ at a consultation

The best way to find out if FaceTite™ is right for you is to meet with an experienced, board certified plastic surgeon. We offer informative consultations at PSCHR. Scheduling an appointment is easy; just call 757-873-3500 or contact us online anytime.

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