winter-fashion Looking your best when the temperatures drop can feel like a chore, but there are ways to look great and stay warm—or even complement new curves after breast augmentation or a body contouring procedure. Here are some winter fashion tips that will flatter your curves without compromising comfort.

Know Your Body Type

The main key to finding an outfit that beautifully flatters your curves is knowing your body type. You won’t know how to best dress for winter if you’re unsure if you’re a triangle, rectangle, square, or hourglass.

Each body type benefits different from certain fashion rules, and shopping for your specific shape ensures you’ll look fabulous every time. Start by calculating your body shape by utilizing this great tool that will determine how to dress based on your individual measurements.

Layer With Confidence

Not only does layering keep you warm, it’s actually quite fashionable too! This season, don’t be afraid to go through your closet and play with different combinations—you may even find you get more use out of your typical warm weather pieces.

When temperatures are brisk but not freezing, try wearing a dress with a sweatshirt or sweater over it. Finish off the outfit with a pair of colorful leggings and your favorite leg-flattering warm boots. If temperatures drop more drastically, just add a flirty silk slip under your dress for extra warmth (silk is a super insulator).

Pro Styling Tip: You’re in luck because layering is a huge trend for this season. For a casual, warm, and super cool look, try this pairing from StyleCaster:

  1. Start with a cozy pair of tights that aren’t too bulky.
  2. Throw your favorite pair of skinny jeans over the tights.
  3. Top with a pair of cute leg warmers (you can scrunch or leave straight, depending on your shoes).
  4. Pair with a sweater or turtleneck underneath a lighter jacket or blazer
  5. Finish it all off with a heavier, thigh-length coat and classic winter-weather accessories like a cozy scarf.

You’ll look awesome, and you can shed layers when that mid-afternoon heat wave hits.

Picking the Right Fabrics & Materials

It may seem impossible to dress warmly without the added bulk or frumpiness, but there are a large variety of thin but protective materials that will save the day. A good rule of thumb for avoiding the “Pillsbury Dough Boy” look when you layer is to start with the thinner materials first and work your way up. That way you aren’t adding bulk with each layer.

We think everyone should own a wool coat, but if your home has harsh winters, you may need to invest in a down jacket—it may not be as fashionable as you like, but you’ll feel warm and look great if you get one with a high-tech, low-bulk fill that’s also cut to match your body’s shape.

For sweaters, cashmere is a great go-to that’s incredibly warm, thin enough for when you’re inside heated areas, and super simple to layer. For something more budget-friendly, look for lightweight but warm wool or synthetic blends.

Pro Styling Tip: if it’s within your budget, have at least two coats: one bulkier option purely for truly frigid days, and another that will flatter you when temperatures are above freezing.

Shoes Are Key

Sometimes the best outfits are built around a great pair of shoes—and finding a shoe that flatters while keeping you warm at the same time can make a huge difference in your winter style. If your winters are wet, be sure to get a waterproof style to keep your toes warm. Don’t just go by what looks appealing on the rack: try different boot lengths to see what best highlights your favorite features. And if you purchase a pair that does not have liners on the inside, go up a half size to accommodate thick socks without making the fit uncomfortably tight.

Pro Styling Tip: If you have long legs that you want to highlight, try a great pair of over-the-knee boots with a short skirt or dress. Shorter-legged ladies should pick out mid-calf or shorter boots with wedged heels and vertical accents, such as zippers or buckles.

Accessorize Wisely

When it comes to winter fashion, your accessory options are practically endless and often flattering. For instance, a matched scarf and hat will bring attention to your smiling face and away from any figure flaws (just be sure to pick a color that flatters your skin tone). Accessories are also an inexpensive way to feel more fashionable every day, even if your winter clothing budget is limited. You can have just one coat, but change up your look with different tights, leggings, leg warmers, scarves, hats, and gloves. They all can be paired with different outfits to bring them to life—just make sure you don’t over do it! Less is more, so be sure you have some solids on hand and avoid pairing contrasting patterns together.

Pro Styling Tip: Pair bold accessories with outfits that are more neutral so your outfit will stand out without clashing. Or, conversely, if your winter coat is a bold color, choose classic winter white, navy, or black for your hat & scarf set.

What are some of your favorite ways to stay cozy while looking great? Share in the comments below!

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