What to expect from the tummy tuck procedure If you’ve been working hard on diet and exercise to achieve that flat stomach you’ve wanted but find that this is not enough to achieve results, it may be time to speak to a quality plastic surgeon about your desires. In many cases, plastic surgery treatmst such as the tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, can address excess fat and skin in the midsection that does not respond to traditional methods of treatment.

What is abdominoplasty?

The abdominoplasty procedure addresses not only excess fat int eh tummy area, but also removes excess skin that may be left behind following liposuction. The doctor will use liposuction to manually remove areas of fat that have developed in the stomach and along the flanks to remove “muffin top.” Then, an incision is made across the tummy but above the pubic area and used to remove excess skin. When the procedure is complete, patients will have a firmer, tightened midsection.

What can I expect from the tummy tuck procedure?

It is essential that patients talk to their doctor about their unique desires and what they would like to achieve. Patients should have realistic expectations and understand what can be accomplished with plastic surgery. We also encourage patients to book a consultation appointment with our team to determine candidacy and find out if they are a good fit for this procedure. Patients will also want to find out more information regarding taking time off of work and other activities as they heal and recover from this procedure. There are limitations regarding the amount of physical actions a patient can perform after the surgery, such as lifting and exercise, that must be followed to ensure proper healing.

Am I a candidate for a tummy tuck?

To determine candidacy for the abdominoplasty procedure, we encourage patients in Virginia to request an appointment with our team at the Plastic Surgery Center of Hampton Roads to discuss their needs. Our doctor, including Drs. Vonu, Blanchard, Zwicklbauer and Lofgren can work with area patients to ensure they have access to the solutions they need and will get their expected results. Call (757) 873-3500 today to request a consultation visit.

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