istock 1132505236 Over the years as we age, our lifestyle and genetics will play a role in the appearance of our facial skin. Extensive sun exposure can cause skin to thin and become more susceptible to developing fine lines and wrinkles. Patients may also notice skin laxity that loosens the appearance of the face and causes an aged look. While facelifts and brow lifts are surgical ways of addressing these common concerns, some patients do not want to undergo an extensive surgery to achieve a more youthful look. In situations such as this, our team at the Plastic Surgery Center of Hampton Roads may recommend cosmetic injectables such as dermal fillers.

What is a dermal filler?

Our providers describe the dermal filler as a biocompatible gel-like substance that can be injected directly into fine lines and wrinkles. In doing so, they add volume that smooths the skin and lessens the appearance of wrinkles and folds. Dermal fillers are used on mild to moderate wrinkles and folds on the face and can provide several months of improvement before reinjection is needed.

Dermal fillers work by using hyaluronic acid, which attracts water molecules, in the gel carrier. When the wrinkle or fold is filled with this gel, it becomes less prominent, smoothing the skin and taking years off of one’s appearance. Many patients love using dermal fillers because they can be done quickly and easily in the practice, and are nonsurgical solutions that are affordable and effective.

Who is a candidate for dermal fillers?

Dermal filler candidates are adult men and women who are interested in smoothing away wrinkles and folds on the face in a more short-term alternative to surgery. Patients should be of good overall health and have realistic expectations regarding what can be achieved with cosmetic injectables.

Discuss dermal fillers with our team today

If you live in the Virginia area and want to speak to a professional about the benefits of dermal fillers and other cosmetic injectables, call the office at (757) 873-3500 to request an appointment at any one of our four convenient locations. Our providers are available to help with an AAAASF Certified surgery center for new and current patients.

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