Using laser hair removal to achieve hair-free skin Patients of the Virginia Beach, VA area who are tired of spending time waxing, shaving, and plucking unwanted hair from the skin of the face and body are welcome to speak to the doctors of the Plastic Surgery Center of Hampton Roads about laser hair reduction and removal. With the use of advanced laser therapies, patients of the Virginia Beach, VA area who want to achieve hair free skin can do so with modern technologies.


How does laser hair removal work?

Laser light penetrates into the skin and damages the hair follicles in the treatment area. By doing so, this eliminates the hair follicle’s ability to produce hair. The hair in the follicle will fall out after treatment, and will never return. When patients undergo routine laser treatments, they will eventually notice a full elimination of unwanted hair in the treated area. For patients who just want to reduce the hair in the treatment area, fewer treatment sessions are required. This can be utilized for men and women who have thick hair in an area that they would like to thin out.

Is laser hair removal effective?

Our doctors find that laser hair removal continues to be the best way to remove unwanted hair from the body in a permanent manner. The treatment is incredibly effective, especially when patients attend all the treatment sessions for full removal. A consultation visit with one of our experienced providers will help patients find out if this treatment would be beneficial for their specific needs.

How many treatments sessions are needed?

The number of treatments can be difficult to determine right from the start. This is because of the cycle of hair growth that occurs, as well as the hairs unique reaction to the treatment. Most patients seeking full removal of hair in a treatment area may benefit from approximately six sessions spaced several weeks apart.

Clear away unwanted hair forever!

With permanent laser hair reduction and removal, men and women can feel confident in hair-free skin! If you are interested in learning more about this or other surgical and nonsurgical treatments available at the Plastic Surgery Center of Hampton Roads, call (757) 873-3500 for a consultation visit. Appointments with Drs. Vonu, Blanchard, Zwicklbauer, and Lofgren can be made with new or returning patients, and can help individuals decide on cosmetic treatments appropriate for their desires.

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