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Halloween is upon us—time to get those costumes ready! When it comes to dressing up, we say you’re never too old. And if you’ve boosted your breast size with implants, donning a costume, whether spooky or sexy, can be even more fun with all that newfound confidence.

As pros in the breast enhancement department, we thought we’d share some advice for making the most of your breasts this Halloween. Whether you want to give the girls a starring role or need to know how to downplay your brand new breast augmentation so no one catches on to your secret, we’ve got you covered with these tips.

First, some ground rules everyone should follow.

Rule #1: Wear a bra that fits properly. Whether your goal is to maximize cleavage or streamline your silhouette for a more conservative look, you want to look and feel good. That means you need to wear a bra that fits. We recommend getting a professional fitting from a quality lingerie shop.

It’s all about drawing the eye where you want it to go. Your breasts will appear more prominent if your outfit makes them a focal point, and smaller if you diminish their importance. Wear a bra that fits, and choose the right style for your goals.

Rule #2: Wear the right bra style for the occasion. The bra you wear sets the foundation for any outfit, so include your bra when you’re assembling your costume. A classic, full-coverage bra is your best bet to minimize, while a push-up or plunging cleavage bra will help you turn heads.

It’s not just about making your breasts look larger or smaller, though. It’s first and foremost about drawing the eye where you want it to go. No matter your cup size, your breasts will appear more prominent if your outfit makes them a focal point, and smaller if you diminish their importance.

The exception to the rule: If you’ve had surgery very recently and your surgeon has instructed you to wear a supportive sports bra, that’s the bra you need to wear, no matter the occasion. There are plenty of Halloween costume ideas that look fun and fabulous over a sports bra: a black cat or leopard leotard, a zombie, or Sporty Spice!

Easy tricks to accentuate your assets

We can’t think of a better occasion than Halloween for enhancing cleavage and stepping into a more daring look. Here are some great ways to show off your gorgeous girls.

Invest in some shapewear

A fitted bustier or corset will instantly lift and separate for a dramatic boost in curviness. Whether you wear it as your primary costume (i.e., a Playboy bunny) or as an undergarment, get ready to turn some heads.

Costume ideas that use this trick: A “sexy” anything (nurse, devil, mouse, etc.), Wonder Woman, Jessica Rabbit

Go for a plunging neckline

A deep V-neck or sweetheart neckline automatically draws focus down to your cleavage, making it one of the easiest ways to show off your goods. Pair it with a push-up or U-plunge bra for maximum va-va-voom.

Costume ideas that use this trick: Marilyn Monroe in her famous white dress, Elvira

Go for the hourglass figure

Playing up your proportions will help you look more voluptuous all-around. Give your feminine curves a boost with a cinched, high-waisted skirt and a poofy-sleeved, ruffled top, or a dress with a fitted bodice and princess skirt.

Costume ideas that use this trick: German fraulein, any fairytale princess (Snow White, Cinderella, etc.), or a leading lady from the 1950’s like Donna Reed

Make them shine (literally)

Pick up a shimmer powder and apply it to your boobs! It’s a great way to add a subtle sheen and draw the eye to your gorgeous cleavage. Ask our skin care team about Jane Iredale’s 24 Karat Gold Dust Powder (it’s got real gold and only costs 14 bucks!) or bronzers. Benefit also makes a product called High Beam for highlighting.

You can also use facial makeup contouring principles and simply apply them to your breasts. Use a lighter tone to highlight your peaks and a darker tone or bronzer in the valleys, and voila!, you’ll look even more curvaceous.

Dressing up to downplay your breasts

If you’ve recently had breast augmentation, and your implants have not finished settling, your breasts may still appear a bit firm and sit higher up on your chest. If your prefer to keep your surgery private, a costume that downplays your breasts will let you enjoy the festivities without worrying about raising eyebrows. Likewise, if you’re attending a Halloween party at your office or around lots of kids, a conservative costume may be more appropriate.

Choose a higher neckline

Avoid plunging V-necks as well as low-cut collars bedazzled with rhinestones, rosettes or other eye-catching items. Instead, stick to higher square, asymmetrical or scoop necks that fall above the bustline to conceal your cleavage.

Costume ideas that use this trick: Beyonce in her Single Ladies video, Rosie the Riveter, 1920s flapper

Camouflage cleavage with strategic use of fabric

Layers of fabric, roomy cuts, and cowl neck collars are all great chest minimizers. And don’t forget about outerwear: capes, coats, and shawls are a natural addition to many costumes.

Costume ideas that use this trick: Scarecrow, anything that involves a cape (a witch, Dracula, etc.)

Go with the monochrome look

Nothing draws attention to your chest like bright colors, so if you want to keep eyes-off, consider dressing in a solid color from head to toe. A monochrome color scheme helps your curves blend in, particularly if you wear a darker or more muted color (i.e., navy, taupe, burgundy…and you can never go wrong with black).

Costume ideas that use this trick: Black cat, robot, Orange is the New Black character

Don’t let your jewelry sabotage your efforts

Wearing the wrong necklace with your outfit can inadvertently draw unwanted attention. Pay attention to wear the necklace rests: it shouldn’t hit your bustline or hang off of it. For ideal minimization, a necklace should lie flat on your bare chest and rest well above the neckline of your top. In other words, avoid the giant glow-in-the-dark pumpkin pendant and stick to a classy string of pearls that sits on the collarbone. Better yet, nix the necklace altogether in favor of a pair of statement earrings, which draw the eye upward.

We hope you’ve found these tips helpful! If you’re interested in boosting your breast size for longer than just one night, we can help with that too. Just give us a call for your consultation, complete with implant sizing session. Happy Halloween!

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