From plus-size women to models with natural gray hair, today’s favorite fashion models are breaking the rules about what it means to be runway worthy.

A perfect example: Good Housekeeping recently featured the story of Yazemeenah Rossi, a swimsuit model who just happens to be sixty years old, and we think she is stunning!

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Beauty & confidence don’t have an expiration date

Sporting a natural look with long, silver locks and visible laugh lines, Yazemeenah models swimwear with joie de vivre rarely seen in models of any age. Her striking poses, gorgeous figure, and the confidence she exudes confirms that age does not define what it means to be beautiful. As she is quoted in the article: “When I was younger, I was more insecure…but I always wanted to be me. When you are yourself and you don’t try to copy, you get power. And you feel that power the more you go on in life.”

And while it shouldn’t feel newsworthy that a beautiful woman is featured in a swimwear campaign, we can’t help but feel excited about Rossi and how she represents new, more inclusive trends in advertising.

You are the definition of beautiful

Beauty and confidence come in many different sizes, shapes, and styles—and you can dictate what makes you feel and look fabulous. Rossi is just one great example of how a lifelong commitment to being true to yourself can keep your glow going for decades.

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