iStock 944655244 Breast implants are long-lasting, but not permanent. Many patients will have them removed or replaced at some point during the first 10-15 years. Some patients will have breast implants removed because they are no longer satisfied with the implants, or have pain and discomfort that leads them to consider removal. Or maybe they are considering a larger implant size due to changes in their body following pregnancy. Whatever the reason, the team at the Plastic Surgery Center of Hampton Roads can help. Drs. Vonu, Blanchard, Zwicklbauer and Lofgren of Virginia will often work with patients to assist them in achieving their goals, and may in some cases recommend removal and a breast lift during a single procedure. 

Combining explant surgery and mastopexy 

Explant surgery is the medical term used to describe a breast implant removal, and the mastopexy procedure is more commonly known as a breast lift. Both of these procedures can be performed together for patients who are considering removal and no replacement of their breast implants. In some instances, patients will have the implant removed and then place another to maintain their results or to change the size of their breasts. This is a personal choice of the patient, though our medical team can make recommendations for patients who are unsure what they want to do when their old implants need to be removed. 

Combining the explant procedure and mastopexy is a reliable way to remove an implant and lift the remaining breast structure to maintain a youthful appearance and avoid sagging of stretched skin. During a consultation visit, our doctors will evaluate patients to determine what can be done to achieve the results they truly desire. 

Are you considering breast implant removal and lift? 

If you are thinking about your options when it comes to the removal and lifting of the breasts, the team at Plastic Surgery Center of Hampton Roads can help. Drs. Vonu, Blanchard, Zwicklbauer and Lofgren are committed to ensuring patients are happy with their elective procedures. Call (757) 873-3500 to request a consultation visit and examination with our team at one of our several office locations in Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Williamsburg, and Newport News, Virginia.

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