At Plastic Surgery Center of Hampton Roads, we assist many women with maintaining and improving their breasts, helping them to feel beautiful through the years. We were interested to see a recent article on Smart Beauty Guide that explores the aging timeline of breasts, from puberty through menopause—and they go through quite a lot over the course of your life!

The life of your breasts

Breasts begin to mature about two years after the onset of puberty and continue to grow and change for approximately six years. This is when the adult size and shape of your breasts is established. At this point, breasts are also ready to function as a support system for potential babies.

We all know that the appearance of breasts changes over time, if for no other reason than the fact that we don’t see many 60-year-old women walking around with the breasts of a 21-year-old. Unfortunately, there are many things working against your breasts: the natural effects of aging and gravity, weight gain and loss, pregnancy and breastfeeding, and hormone fluctuations all have an impact.

Pregnancy is one event that typically has an enormous impact on the appearance of the breasts. In preparation for breastfeeding, the breasts become considerably larger and firmer—and while this size increase is temporary, it has a permanent impact on the elasticity of your breast skin which can lead to sagging.

Options for improving breast sagging

Most women experience some degree of breast ptosis (sagging) by the time they reach their late 40s, even if they haven’t had children. Thankfully, there are procedures to address every type of ptosis. For women whose breasts have retained volume but are experiencing sagging due to stretched skin, a breast lift often provides the best results. This procedure only addresses sagging and excess skin, so women who are experiencing stretched skin and volume loss (breasts have a “deflated” appearance) will likely benefit most from a breast lift with implants.

For moms in Hampton Roads, a mommy makeover is a popular option as it improves multiple areas of the body impacted by pregnancy and childbirth. This customized set of procedures addresses loose or sagging skin on the breasts and, most often, the lower abdomen. While you can choose to have these procedures in separate operations, many mothers like combining procedures to save money and limit recovery time to a single period, allowing them to get back to taking care of their kids (and feeling great!) much sooner.

If you’re ready to explore your options or want to learn more about the breast and body procedures we offer, we encourage you to contact us and schedule a consultation with one of our board certified plastic surgeons.

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