man and woman walking on beach Over the last few years, CoolSculpting® technology has helped shape the world of non-surgical fat reduction, and it’s quickly risen to the top as the most popular choice for shrinking bulges without surgery.

The good news is that the fat-blasting experts who developed CoolSculpting have been working hard to improve their already impressive technology—and we’re now offering new applicators to help patients address even more problem areas.

The CoolAdvantage system cuts your CoolSculpting treatment time in half, thanks to lower temperatures

What’s new in non-surgical fat reduction at PSCHR?

We’ve recently introduced not one but two new offerings: CoolAdvantage and CoolMini. Both options provide increased versatility, allowing us to help spot reduce more areas than ever.

CoolAdvantage: quicker, more comfortable treatment

Reducing stubborn bulges over your hour-long lunch break without surgery or needles already sounds great. But how does half an hour treatment, more even results, and less discomfort sound?

The CoolAdvantage system cuts your CoolSculpting treatment time in half thanks to lower temperatures, and the new and improved applicator design reduces pressure from “suctioning,” making treatment more comfortable. As an added bonus, larger areas can now be treated.

CoolMini: slim your double chin or nix your bra bulge

Even small pockets of stubborn fat can be frustrating—and submental fullness, or a “double chin,” might be the most frustrating of all, given your chin can’t be kept under wraps. That’s where the CoolMini comes in! This applicator is specially designed to target smaller, harder-to-reach areas of fat, such as under the chin, around the “bra bulge,” and above the knee. It uses the same proven CoolSculpting technology to yield noticeable results.

Big results, little downtime

Whichever applicator is best for you, we’ll help make sure you get remarkable results from your CoolSculpting procedure. If you wish you could rock a bathing suit with zero love handles or slip into a slinky summer dress without showing off bra bulges, we’ve got your covered. Treatments can be completed in as little as 35 minutes, after which you can immediately resume your normal life. Results gradually appear, so none of your friends will guess you’ve had a procedure. Most patients begin noticing a change in shape in just a few weeks, with final results in place after about 90 days.

If you’re ready to learn more about the benefits of CoolSculpting, we would be glad to help. We offer a variety of fat reduction treatments in Hampton Roads and can help you navigate your options. Contact us today to see how we can help you shine with confidence this summer!

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