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Celebrities have gone hand in hand with product endorsements as long as celebrities have been around: Michael Jordan and Nike, Beyonce and Pepsi, George Foreman and his Grill…you get the idea.

So when images of Jennifer Aniston, Oprah, Joy Behar, Eva Longoria and many others appeared in ads for skin care products recently, you might not have noticed anything out of the ordinary. But it turns out, a large number of these ads—and their associated websites and product lines—were totally fake.

Refinery29 recently summed up the latest real news about the skincare scams that have entangled many famous faces. Three men have been sued by the Federal Trade Commission over their involvement in fabricating 19 fake companies and hundreds of fake ads that used images of celebrities without their consent to convince customers to sign up for “free” samples of various skincare products. Instead, customers were enrolled in subscription services and automatically charged for monthly shipments without their knowledge.

It’s bad enough that these celebrity skincare scams bilk people out of their hard-earned dollars, but there are no laws requiring skincare sold online to be tested for safety, efficacy or even to see if products contain the ingredients listed on the label—so there is no telling what the products these so-called skincare companies sent out to customers actually contained.

The moral of the story? Don’t trust your skin’s health to the internet

Fortunately, it seems that the FTC has this scam under control—but in an age where it’s all too easy to slap up a quick website and scrape celebrity photos off of Instagram, it’s realistic to expect more scams to follow. So, instead of relying on celebrities to decide what skincare products are best for your needs, turn to an experienced skincare professional at your nearby board certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist’s practice.

By going through a physician’s office for your skin care, you’ll have access to medical-grade products that are authentic, clinically proven and contain more potent, advanced ingredients you will not find online. You’ll also have a knowledgeable medical professional guiding you toward the safest, most effective products for your skin type and concerns. This means the products you invest in will work more quickly to get the results you are hoping for, with the peace of mind knowing you are doing the best for your skin’s health.

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Read the original article from Refinery 29, “Why The FTC Is Coming Down On These “Celeb-Endorsed” Skin-Care Ads” here.

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