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Hold it right there! Before you pop that pimple, exfoliate those bumps, or try that DIY skin care treatment, you should know that you could be making the problem much worse. Acne scars are a common, frustrating result of breakouts—and trying to prevent them in the first place or improve them once they’ve happened can be a challenge.

Refinery 29 recently highlighted the dos and don’ts of treating breakouts and fading scars, and we wanted to share some of their recommendations we stand behind.

First thing’s first: understand what may be worsening your acne and scars

It’s not just popping habits, inflammation, or contact with bacteria that cause or worsen breakouts (and subsequent scarring). Some other top contributors are easy to ignore in the daily hustle of life, including:

You have the wrong skin care regimen.

    Harsh soaps, cheap products, and washing too often irritate the skin and exacerbate breakouts. Use products specifically for your skin type and concerns—ideally under direction of a physician if you have severe acne.
  • You aren’t wearing sunscreen. Not using sunscreen can worsen the appearance of acne scars (in addition to increasing your chances of getting skin cancer). This is because even small healing wounds or scars can noticeably darken when exposed to sunlight. Use a high quality sunscreen containing at least SPF 30.
  • You’re trying to fix it yourself. DIY projects can be fun and challenging—but your skin isn’t the place to try out questionable homemade products you found on Pinterest! Instead, work with a skin specialist working under MD supervision who can evaluate your skin and give you advice tailored to your individualized needs.

Preventing acne scars with tried & true solutions

Before you treat any acne-related condition, it’s important to understand your skin and what works best for it. The expertise, guidance, and recommendations of an experience plastic surgeon, dermatologist, or medical aesthetician are invaluable when it comes to properly caring for your skin.

If you’d like to see a real improvement in the depth and appearance of your acne scars, there are a number of professional treatments that can help. We often recommend microdermabrasion or varying strength chemical peels to help our patients fade mild to moderate scarring, while others benefit most from laser skin resurfacing. If you’re in the Hampton Roads area and would like to learn more about your options, we encourage you to contact us today. Our skilled laser and skin specialists can help you understand more about your skin and what solutions will work best for you.

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