Imagine perusing all the Instagram pics of this year’s office holiday parties, family functions, and swanky NYE soirees and thinking, “Whoa, I look good in every one of these photos!” It’s not too late to make that happen, and we can help!

In fact, this window between summer’s end and Halloween is a great time to upgrade your appearance if it’s your goal to look fab for the holidays. Many popular cosmetic surgery procedures and non-surgical treatments are perfectly suited for an early fall procedure date, allowing you to recover optimally and look smashing by the time holiday festivities begin.

Here are 5 options you might consider:

1. Turn heads in your LBD with Breast Augmentation

If you’ve been craving more dramatic curves, now is a great time to treat yourself to breast augmentation. With today’s options for breast implant size, shape, and profile—plus the help of an experienced plastic surgeon—it’s easier than ever to get just the look you want.

Get started now, and you’ll be feeling great and back to full activity before the holidays. While final results may not yet be apparent, they’ll be pretty close—implants have typically “dropped and fluffed” by the 3 month mark. Follow your surgeon’s post-op instructions, and your new breasts will look great, feel natural, and be cocktail-dress ready by Christmas time.

2. Preempt unwanted pudge with CoolSculpting

Here in Hampton Roads, non-surgical treatments are all the rage, and CoolSculpting is the MVP! This non-surgical fat reduction treatment selectively freezes fat cells, helping you spot-reduce stubborn areas that refuse to budge otherwise.

We have the full CoolSculpting system at PSCHR, including the CoolMini, so you can choose to reduce your belly, thighs, lovehandles, upper arms, bra rolls or double chin! There’s no downtime, and each treatment takes just 35 minutes, so it’s easy to fit CoolSculpting into a busy schedule. Results appear gradually over 2 to 3 months, so get started ASAP to slip into clothes more easily by December.

Bonus benefit: seeing that stubborn bulge gradually shrink might motivate you to stay on course with your healthy diet and exercise and avoid that dreaded holiday weight gain.

3. Escaping to a tropical beach this winter? You’ll ❤ laser hair removal.

Didn’t dig shaving every other day this summer? We won’t bother asking if you enjoy waxing. Laser hair removal can help you cross these painful, time-consuming tasks off your to-do list for good—wouldn’t that be a great early holiday gift to yourself?

Now’s the time to book your first treatment to have smoother, clearer skin by January. Laser hair removal works best in a series of 5 to 7 treatments, spaced a few weeks apart. Even if you don’t complete your treatment series by the holidays, it’s worth starting now—hair grows back progressively lighter and finer with each treatment, until it is gone entirely.

4. Look younger than last year with BOTOX & Fillers

Tired of looking older than your sister in family photos? If frown lines, crow’s feet and smile lines are creeping their way onto your face (and into your profile pics), BOTOX and dermal fillers can soften such wrinkles and restore a youthful plumpness to your features. While most injectables achieve results within days, it’s best to go in for treatment a couple of months before a big event to allow time for any needed touch-ups. Depending on the product, the rejuvenating effects can last anywhere from 3 months to 2 years, so you’re safe to go ahead and schedule pre-holiday injectable treatments now.

Choose an experienced aesthetic medical provider to perform your injections—safe treatment and natural results require a thorough understanding of facial anatomy and skillful precision. Expertly performed BOTOX and filler injections can help you look much better refreshed and several years younger—possibly even younger than your little sis!

5. Say goodbye to summer sun damage with BBL photorejuvenation

Every list of tips for looking great for the holidays includes some way to get glowing, radiant skin, and for good reason—a clear, smooth complexion helps anyone look better. So here’s our suggestion: BBL photorejuvenation. This minimally-invasive broadband light therapy can safely and effectively reduce hyperpigmentation, brown spots, freckles, and redness to transform your complexion from splotchy to splendid in just a few treatments.

The average protocol to achieve satisfying results includes 2 to 5 treatments, spaced 2 to 4 weeks apart, so for max improvement by the holidays, schedule your skin consultation and first session by early October.

Inspired to enhance your look? Don’t dilly-dally, come see us!

We’re serious when we say get started now to look your best for the holidays—they’ll get here before we know it. The first step is to schedule a consultation with an experienced, board certified plastic surgeon or licensed medical esthetician, depending on the treatments you’re interested in.

If you’re in the Newport News, Virginia Beach or Williamsburg areas, come see us at Plastic Surgery Center of Hampton Roads. Our plastic surgeons will be glad to help you learn more about your procedure options and decide if and when to plan cosmetic surgery for optimal recovery and results by your target date.

Call 757-873-3500 or contact us now to book your consultation. Also, be sure to follow us on Facebook and check our specials page to learn about upcoming events and special savings on popular treatments.

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