Woman caring for skin Everywhere you look there seems to be a new product, treatment, or technique to help you look younger (we offer quite a few of them!). But what about the things you’re doing that are making you look prematurely aged?

One of our favorite gurus for all things health and beauty, Queen Oprah, recently published a list of all the ways you may be adding 10 years to your looks.

Keep reading to find out some of the worst habits you should be avoiding!

Too Much of a Good Thing: All-Over Cosmetics

Whether it’s foundation, under-eye concealer, or finishing powder, too much product emphasizes fine lines, draws attention to crepey skin, and dulls the delicate glow mature women can enjoy as their skin ages. Avoid placing foundation on the entire face, particularly if it is matte or long-wearing, and try to skip finishing powder entirely.

Do this instead:

  • Ditch the concealer and use a highlighter pen near the inner corners of your eyes to camouflage dark circles
  • Keep oil-blotting wipes in your bag to make giving up powder easier (daub shiny areas throughout the day)
  • Stick with sheer foundations with light-diffusing pigments

Dark & Bold Lips Are a No-No

Who doesn’t love a dark lip? Unfortunately, if your lipstick collection is full of browns and burgundies, it may be time to visit Sephora for a cosmetics revamp. Dark colors tend to make surfaces look smaller, which causes lips to look thin and aged.

Do this instead:

  • Pick out soft, bright, or light lip colors that flatter your complexion, such as peaches, pinks, and light reds
  • Use a highlighter along the upper lip line
  • Avoid harsh lip liner; go for a shade that matches or is a bit lighter than your lip color

Hello Bright Eyes!

It’s no secret that bright, alert eyes are a hallmark of youthfulness. They open up your face, making you look well-rested and happy. But did you know that dark liners, mascara, and brow pencil can make you look heavy-lidded and draws attention to dark circles and wrinkles around your eyes?

Do this instead:

  • Skip mascara and liner on your lower lashes and play up your upper lashes with volumizing mascara
  • Choose brown or gray eyeliner over black for a softer yet defined effect
  • Pick out a brow pencil or powder that’s about two shades lighter than your natural color

If these tips still aren’t quite giving you the youthful look you want, give us a call! We’d be happy to explain which treatments can best help you restore a smoother, younger-looking appearance.

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