Mature Woman Smiling Did you know that the right haircut can help you look years younger? If you aren’t quite ready to undergo surgery or injectables, consider a trip to the salon: the right hair color and styles can help you have a more radiant appearance.

The surgeons and staff at the Plastic Surgery Center of Hampton Roads have put together the following tips for hair care and styles that can help offset the appearance of aging. Read on to learn about haircuts that make you look younger and more vibrant, plus some hair mistakes to avoid.

Try Bangs For a Smoother Brow

Frustrated with fine lines or expression wrinkles along your forehead? Bangs can cover up those tell-tale signs of aging if BOTOX isn’t on your to-do list. Not only are bangs cute, but this youthful haircut can divert attention from areas you’d rather not highlight.

Avoid Single-Length Cuts

A sleek bob is a classic look, but be sure to ask your stylist to soften it up with a few layers. Blunt cuts can highlight rounder parts of your face and emphasize wrinkles. Instead, try a layered angled bob to help your cheekbones appear higher and create a more defined jawline.

Put Down the Bleach!

Platinum blondes don’t always have more fun. Over-bleached or ashy blonde tones can make skin appear tired or sallow. Ask your stylist about warm, honey-colored highlights that can brighten your skin tone.

Don’t go too far in the other direction, though! You’ll also want to avoid all-over black or very dark colors, since hair typically lightens as you age. Dark hair can draw attention to thinning and highlight shadows on the face.  If you have naturally dark hair, try a combination of chestnut and caramel highlights to create a natural, flattering look.

Deep Condition Every Week

Make deep conditioning treatments your best friend. Devoting a few minutes each week to conditioning your hair can help it appear more smooth, glossy, and youthful. Enjoy a mini-spa experience at home by adding a face masque to your weekly routine.

Beautiful, nourished hair can help you look like you took a sip from the fountain of youth. Embrace flattering hairstyles and colors for a luminous look that will flatter your features for years to come.

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