Baby Boomers are a generation that has seen a great deal of change in their time. And while aging, “Boomers” aren’t sitting on the sidelines—they’re living with the same zeal they’ve always had, and they want to look good doing it!

As such, we’ve been hearing lots of Boomers and pre-Boomers ask, “Am I too old for plastic surgery?” If you’ve been wondering this yourself, keep reading for some encouraging answers.

The safety of plastic surgery in patients over 55

A recent study conducted by researchers from Vanderbilt University and the University of Alabama looked at complications occurring after plastic surgery procedures in over 180,000 patients. They divided these patients into two different groups: one with a mean age of 39, and one with a mean age of 69. Results showed that there was no significant difference in the incidences of postoperative complications. In other words, older patients recovered from plastic surgery at very comparable rates to their younger counterparts.

This is great news for patients who would love to enhance or improve their appearance with a procedure but are concerned about increased plastic surgery risks due to their age. As long as no underlying health concerns are present that could impact the safety of surgery, your age should not stop you from considering treatment with a qualified plastic surgeon.

Putting yourself in safe, expert hands

At the Plastic Surgery Center of Hampton Roads, we work with patients from a variety of age groups. The most important thing you can do to ensure your safety is to provide a clear and comprehensive medical history. Be sure to answer all questions honestly and take the time to write down all medications and supplements you take. This will help your doctor make the best possible recommendations as to which procedures will be safe and beneficial for you.

Our board certified plastic surgeons have many years of experience helping patients both young and old safely achieve optimal results. If you would like to explore your options or find out more about a specific procedure, contact our office to schedule a consultation with one of our board certified plastic surgeons. Together, you can determine which procedures will be best suited to your goals, no matter your age.

Read the full results of the study here.

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