In case you haven’t heard, we’re pretty excited about the newest minimally invasive options here at PSCHR. They can reduce excess fat, firm sagging skin, and delay the need for more invasive procedures—without anesthesia, prolonged downtime, or visible scarring.

We’re proud to offer our patients FaceTite™ and BodyTite™ radiofrequency assisted liposuction at our plastic surgery practice in Hampton Roads. Here are 5 of the reasons we love this technology and think you will too:

before and after photo facetite

1. You can contour, tone, & tighten from head to toe (without scars)

BodyTite and FaceTite do more than just remove fat—the added toning and tightening boosts the appearance of results you might expect to see with traditional liposuction. That’s because they both use radiofrequency assisted lipolysis (RFAL) technology to lift, firm, and tighten drooping skin while reducing small areas of fat. That means you’ll get a smoother result.

We can treat a number of areas on the body, including:

  • Jowls
  • Under the chin
  • Neck
  • Midsection
  • Love handles
  • Back or bra bulges
  • Chest
  • Upper arms
  • Thighs
  • Buttocks

This impressive list of options (and the skill of our providers) makes Face or BodyTite a dynamite choice for many patients. That said, what matters most are the details of your own personal shaping goals. To see if it’s right for you, request a consultation with one of our board certified plastic surgeons. They will listen to your concerns and, depending on your needs and the size of the areas you want to treat, help you understand if this new fat reduction technology will help—or suggest alternate effective treatments.

2. You won’t get the anesthesia hangover

Unlike traditional liposuction techniques or skin removal procedures, FaceTite and BodyTite do not require general anesthesia. Because the radiofrequency reduces bleeding and melts the fat for easier removal, the procedure is quick and less invasive—and most patients are comfortable with local anesthesia and light sedation.

That means that you can avoid some of the common side effects of general anesthetics, including constipation, drowsiness or dizziness, and difficulties controlling your motor skills for a few hours after it’s been administered.

before and after photo bodytite

3. You’ll be back at work after a long weekend

Not only is radiofrequency assisted liposuction quicker than regular liposuction, it also requires less downtime. In fact, most of our patients are ready to return to work after about three days.

That being said, you’ll still need to avoid strenuous activity and take it easy at the gym for around a week or two, depending on the areas you had treated and your personal comfort.

4. You’ll start seeing results in just a few days

Imagine waking up four days after your procedure and noticing that the area that bothered you for so long looks slimmer, firmer, and smoother. That’s what our patients report after their BodyTite or FaceTite procedure!

The radiofrequency will cause your skin to instantly retract a little, so you’ll notice some changes right away. But over the next few days as your body recovers and the production of collagen and elastin in your skin increases, you’ll start to see more shrinkage and smoothing as your final results take shape.

5. You can enjoy special event pricing (+ exclusive prizes!)

We want to share the love, so we’re hosting a special BodyTite and FaceTite event on June 19th, 2018 at 5:30 PM at Plastic Surgery Center of Hampton Roads. You’ll get the opportunity to learn more about these treatments, have a personal consultation with one of our incredible surgeons, and enjoy exclusive event-only pricing.

Attendees will also be entered to win special door prizes, with one lucky winner walking away with a grand prize of $1,000 PSCHR Beauty Bucks. Space is limited, so make sure to call us at 757.873.3500 to RSVP today!

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